Building Approval Request form below will help you the home owner, initiate a building request with the HOA.

Whether you are thinking about installing a fence, a pool, adding on to the garage, extending a driveway, or other construction effort, use the request form below to begin the the HOA approval process which is required to ensure all of our homes are meeting the minimum standards according to our covenants and restrictions.

Keep in mind, when submitting your request, we will do our best to turn that around as quickly as possible. However, a few things you can do to help speed up the process is to provide as much detail as possible to begin with. For instance: professional diagrams, architectural blueprints, multiple angles, aerial photos, elevations, phase 1 & 2 planning, materials listing, construction start dates, builder/contractor contact information, etc.

If this is a pool request or other large project, please do plan on arranging for a face-to-face meeting with our HOA team who will meet you at your house to discuss and review plans; please note this could take  time and coordination to your start date. This will be coordinated with you after you initiate this building request process via the form below.

Thank you & Happy Home Improvements!

Please fill out the form as best as possible detailing your plans to build or alter your property so that our board may review and ensure it is within compliance of our neighborhood code.


Please describe in detail the plans you wish to make.
Maximum upload size: 30MB
Upload any important documents you may have. Items to consider: a copy of your lot plat, architectural renderings or blueprints, builders diagrams, material list, and any other type of information that can help show how the requested improvement will be compliant with our neighborhood code and covenants. If you have multiple documents, you can upload them all to this box (max file size 30MB).
The date you wish to begin your build. Please allow up to 30 days to get approval, we'll do our best to try to review the documents prior to this date.
Once changes have been approved by the CCHA, the homeowner MUST contact the Floyd County Building office to see if a building permit is required before changes/construction can begin.